SOMATCO Supplies  Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Cylinders, Nebulizers, Humidifiers, Microscopes,  Laboratory Boiling Glasswares,  Laboratory Blown & pressed Glasswares,  Laboratory Bottles, Volumetric Glasswares,  Laboratory apparatus, Laboratory Coats, Hospital Electric Beds, Hospital Manual Beds, Dental Unit, Ovens, Incubators, Centrifuges, Balances, Thermometers, Shakers, Skeleton Models, Digital BP Meters, Mercury BP Meters, Wheel Chairs, Stethoscopes, Chemicals, Stirrers, Stirring Motors, Suction  Aspirators, Digital Autoclaves, Amplitron Thermal Cycler, Opthalmoscopes, Oscilloscopes, Otoscopes, Oxygen Regulators, Ph meters, Projectors, Radioactive Source Kit, Refrigerators.

شركة سوماتكو ترحب بكم  ويسرها خدمتكم يتوفر لدينا اجهزة توليد اكسجين ، اجهزة انعاش للربو ، مرطب للجو حار وبارد ، سماعات طبيب ، بالطو طبيب ، جهاز كشف الاذن ، جهاز كشف قاع العين ،جهاز قياس الضغط زئبقي والكتروني ، فرن تعقيم ، حاضنه الكترونيه ،سنترفيوج ، ميكرسكوب بجميع الانواع ، زجاجيات للمختبر ، كيماويات ، خرائط تعليميه ، كراسي معوقين ، اسره مرضي كهربائيه ويدويه ، موازين حساسه ، ورق ترشيح ، ادوات جراحيه ، ثلاجة لحفظ الدم ، مراتب طبيه والكثير من التجهيزات الطبيه والعلميه والمخبريه

Here one can get all the required products from every field whether it may be from Medical , Laboratory Equipments, Chemicals, Hospital Furniture's and  Scientific Equipments. This all products are from the Leader in Manufacturing and SOMATCO represents over hundreds of Overseas Manufacturers above that we are proud of the reality that our many of the Overseas Supplier/Manufacturers are
ISO Registered Companies.

Our customer can contact us at our different services of different Departments on the below given address.

How  TO  Contact  Us :
1. E-Mail :
  E-Mail Id Purpose  For any General Information ,the customer can contact on this e-mail id. For contacting Somatco Import Department the Companies can do their communication through this e-mail address and they can send their details of New Product Launching and its details specifications on this e-mail address. Somatco have its Technical Service Department which gives the services for their sold equipments all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A), if any customer needs the information regarding the new Technology or any information to update the  old system or to change the old System/Equipments with Latest Technology they can send their queries on below mentioned e-mail Somatco have an Information Technology Department customers can send their queries regarding the website to the web master on this e-mail address.


            One can contact to Dabab Scientific Showroom on this e-mail address, customer can REQUEST FOR QUOTATION and other details specifications regarding the products listed on web site, the customer should specify the respective 
SOM CODE of the respective products. On this E-mail address one can send the query regarding the Tender Details .  On this e-mail the customers can contact for the sales people, for fast services.

2. Phone/Mobile :
Office/Showrooms Phone No.
Somatco, Head Office +966-1-4040645 / 4040540 / 4025727
Riyadh Sales Department +966-1-4011998/4053845
Dabab Scientific Showroom, Riyadh +966-1-4041878 / 4123999
Al-Khobar Showroom +966-3-8986375 / 8949020 / 8979272
Jeddah Showroom +966-2-6881284 / 6896820 / 6807551
Al-Ahsa Showroom +966-3-5752215
Khamis Mushait Showroom +966-7-2745346 / 2361190  Mobile : 0506281182
Al Madina Munnawara +966-4-8250399  Mobile : 054122795
Qassim Showroom +966-6-3261300 / 3261400  
Sakaka,Al-Jouf Showroom   Mobile : 0533965005
Tabuk Showroom   Mobile : 0504616073

3. Fax :
Office/Showrooms  Fax No.
 Somatco, Head Office  +966-1-4055248
 Riyadh Sales Department  +966-1-2802705
 Dabab Scientific Showroom, Riyadh  +966-1-4020738
 Al-Khobar Showroom  +966-3-8942212
 Jeddah Showroom  +966-2- 6804917 / 6883411
 Al-Ahsa Showroom  +966-3-5750446
 Khamis Mushait Showroom  +966-7-2361190
 Al-Madina Munnawara  +966-4-8250399
 Qassim Showroom  +966-6-3233600
 Sakaka,Al-Jouf Showroom  +966-4-6244626
Tabuk Showroom  +966-4-4274211
4. MAIL :
 SOMATCO HEAD OFFICE  Riyadh, Showroom  Riyadh Sales Department
 P.O.Box 1951.
 Riyadh 11441, K.S.A.
 Dabab Street, Opp. Saudi Hollandi Bank,
 P.O.Box 1951, Riyadh-11441, K.S.A.
 P.O.Box 69117
 Riyadh 11547.

 Jeddah, Showroom  Al Ahsa, Showroom  Khamis Mushait, Showroom
 Mohammed Fida Street,
 P.O.Box 18035,
 Jeddah 21415.,K.S.A.
 Opp. King Fahd Hospital ,
 P.O.Box 3778,
 Al-Ahsa 31982.,K.S.A.
King Fahd Street(Khamis Abha Road)       Beside Pizza Hut
Khamis Mushait.

 Al-Madina Munnawara   Al-Khobar, Showroom  Al-Qassim Showroom
 Sultana Street, Al-Haram Road
 Al-Madani Building
 4th Floor, Office No. 15
 P.O.Box : 162
 Al-Madina 41341, K.S.A.
King Abdulaziz Street,4th Cross,
Near Saudi Hollandi Bank
P.O.Box:775                                                          Al-Khobar 31952, K.S.A.
Al-Arbaeen Street,
South Educational Square, Near   Sulaiman Habib Hospital ,              AlGassim                                                       Buraidah                                             K.S.A.                                                             
  Sakaka,Al-Jouf, Showroom Tabuk Showroom
  Beside Ibn Khaldoon School,   Al-Jouf,   Sakaka Al Mohamdiya Dist. K.S.A                   


Tabuk tuba Road,                         Aldakhel II ,                                    Behind Hafel Travels, Tabuk,K.S.A.                   
Our professional staff is waiting to help, out of your any difficulty and providing your required New Technology  
Equipments and we are also proud of our service given in time.

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