SOMATCO Supplies  Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Cylinders, Nebulizers, Humidifiers, Microscopes,  Laboratory Boiling Glasswares,  Laboratory Blown & pressed Glasswares,  Laboratory Bottles, Volumetric Glasswares,  Laboratory apparatus, Laboratory Coats, Hospital Electric Beds, Hospital Manual Beds, Dental Unit, Ovens, Incubators, Centrifuges, Balances, Thermometers, Shakers, Skeleton Models, Digital BP Meters, Mercury BP Meters, Wheel Chairs, Stethoscopes, Chemicals, Stirrers, Stirring Motors, Suction  Aspirators, Digital Autoclaves, Amplitron Thermal Cycler, Opthalmoscopes, Oscilloscopes, Otoscopes, Oxygen Regulators, Ph meters, Projectors, Radioactive Source Kit, Refrigerators.

شركة سوماتكو ترحب بكم  ويسرها خدمتكم يتوفر لدينا اجهزة توليد اكسجين ، اجهزة انعاش للربو ، مرطب للجو حار وبارد ، سماعات طبيب ، بالطو طبيب ، جهاز كشف الاذن ، جهاز كشف قاع العين ،جهاز قياس الضغط زئبقي والكتروني ، فرن تعقيم ، حاضنه الكترونيه ،سنترفيوج ، ميكرسكوب بجميع الانواع ، زجاجيات للمختبر ، كيماويات ، خرائط تعليميه ، كراسي معوقين ، اسره مرضي كهربائيه ويدويه ، موازين حساسه ، ورق ترشيح ، ادوات جراحيه ، ثلاجة لحفظ الدم ، مراتب طبيه والكثير من التجهيزات الطبيه والعلميه والمخبريه

In order to provide you better service and meet your requirements for various Laboratory, Scientific, Hospital, Medical Equipments and Chemicals SOMATCO have setup 
a  skilled representatives in our customer on-line service i.e.
Somatco-Live Service section to handle all your request, comments and providing details of  SOMATCO products .

Somatco pledge to maintain close-contact with customers
to better understanding and adapt to their changing needs
as well as providing them the required SERVICE on-line .

Note : If Your computer is not Loaded with msn Messenger Service software, you can download through this link to msn Messenger Service.
To make easy for getting the daily information's to our customers somatco have setup Somatco-Live
web page
on somatco website.

The service on
Somatco-Live section is provided the whole week, through this the customers can directly do conversation with the company representatives for instant informations about the products details which are listed on somatco website.

Somatco-Live facility has been designed to 
provide the technical details, answer questions and 
showcase a selection of new technology equipments above this those customers who get connected with this service, 
the company will e-mail them about the new technology equipments in the field of Laboratory, Scientific, Hospital, Medical Equipments and Chemicals.



Step to start conversation with Somatco-Live facility.

1-If your computer is not loaded with msn Messenger 
   service, First download msn Messenger Software from the 
   link given above.
2-Login and add this e-mail :  
3-When Somatco is added it will appear in your contact list as 
   well as in our contact list.  Then, you start communicating 
   with us.  
 To serve you better, our on-line representative will be available 
 during the working hours of operation shown below :-
 Saturday - Wednesday.
 10.30am  to 1.30 pm.
  6.00 pm   to 9.00 pm.
  10.00 am to 2.00 pm.

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